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Larry Sparks

PO Box 398
1685 (off Hwy 554) House #61A
El Rito, NM 87530


Tour Stop #19

abstract painting, collage, and sculpture

Artist Statement

Larry Sparks is retired from a 25 year design/build construction business in northern New Mexico.  He has been painting for the last ten years in an abstract expressionist style, mostly acrylic paint and primarily on board.  He has also worked in assemblage with a wide variety of techniques and materials. Just recently he has begun to explore a neo-constructivist style and is happy with the results.

Dunton Flats
30" x 25"

In the Corner
38" x 26"

Blue Mountain
28" x 24"

Jesse and the Boys
21" x 16"

Black & White
20" x 22"

The Parting
36" x 24"