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PO Box 254
2 County Rd 246
El Rito, NM 87530


Tour Stop #8

drawings, paintings, pottery, and sculpture

Terry Vanderbrook

original drawings and pottery

Kathleen Vanderbrook

paintings, mixed media, & sculpture

Studio Information

In El Rito since 1982.
Open most days by chance or appointment.

Vanderbrook Studios

Vanderbrook Studios

Terry Vanderbrook

This year, Terry will show his new works that are 30" x 22"

Kathleen Vanderbrook

Welcome to Vanderbrook Studios & Wild Life Sanctuary!

"Mama Bird" Kathleen has been making more nests

In the Beginning
30" x 22"

Nest #1

Up the Canyon
30" x 22"

Nest #2

30" x 22"

Nest #3

Windows into Our Mind
30" x 22"

Nest #4

Tree of Life
30" x 22"

Nest #5

30" x 22"

Nest #6

Rain Down on Me
30" x 22"

Nest #6 (detail)

Building Blocks
30" x 22"

Nest #7

30" x 22"

Nest #8

Prickly Pear

"Linked" 11"x14"


"Birthing" 30"x40" Acrylic Painting

Crossing Over

"Blue Eyed" 11"x14"

Gathering the Light Ceremony

Detail of "Birthing"

Life's a Puzzle

"Enlightenment" 11"x14"

Lacey Feathers

Mixed Media 12" x 16"

Lighting the Altar

"At the Core" 11"x14"

On the Horizon

Detail of Mixed Media 12" x 16"

She's Got Energy in Her Hands

"Daisy" 11"x14"

The Bull

Mixed Media 12"x 16"

Lunar Eclipse

"Earth" 11"x14"

Detail of Mixed Media 12" x 16"

Spring Up

"Spirit Watcher" 11"x14"

Red Daffodil

Detail of Acrylic Painting 30" x 40"

"Into Other Dimensions" 11"x14"

Red Pedernal

Detail of Acrylic Painting 24.5" x 30"

Detail of Acrylic Painting 16.5" x 20.5"